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Quotes Deena Bouknight truly knows how to capture the life and charm of low-country South Carolina and bring its characters to life. The telling of Playing Guy is so complete you feel like the people and the landscape are enmeshed and each one completes the other. From the opening scene of a dramatic car crash, the rekindling and retelling of an unlikely childhood friendship, to the tragic unfolding of the climax, you won't be able to wait to find out how the events of the story finally come together. You won't be disappointed when redemption finally comes, but it won't be what you expected! Quotes
Sandy McMurtry
A Hallmark Movie in the Making!

Quotes I am a fan of this author. Like her previous book, Broken Shells, the setting and characters in this new book are realistically and quirkily southern. As a native of the south, I almost feel as if she is telling me a story about a place and people that I know. In fact, I am sure that she must know or have heard of some of the eccentric and wonderful characters in low country South Carolina! Bouknight is able to capture the essence and beauty of a place I call home. Unlike so much of what I have read and reviewed in my experience as a librarian and avid reader, her story also resonates with unconditional love and the hope that must surely follow. Well done! Quotes
Jenni Wilson
The Happy Librarian

Quotes So enjoyed this novel. A fun read with some southern culture that was both entertaining and enlightening. Hoping for a sequel to this. Quotes

Quotes I could not put the book down until the end!!! Looking forward to reading another book by this author. The best book I have read in years! Deena is an amazing storyteller. Quotes

Quotes Please write another book! Everyone should read this book! It is a five star book! Would like to see another book written with the same characters. Quotes
D. Hipp "magi100" (South Carolina USA)

Quotes Quotes
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Quotes From the time I received my copy of this novel, I could not put it down. Like a swift moving mountain current, the two seemingly simultaneous yet separate stories skillfully revealed on alternate chapters, propel the reader. Deena Bouknight has crafted a novel that is excitingly non-predictable yet highly believable. I agree with her character, Maxine, there is beautifulness in 'broken shells'. The first read through was swift, as I had to know . . . had to find out. . . how these seemingly seperate stories come together and end. The second read was to savor and ponder the story, its nuances, and to challenge myself to recognize the many literary elements a gifted writer uses and incorporates. After reading Broken Shells, my next thought was . . . I hope Deena Bouknight is writing another book! Quotes
Margaret Smith

Quotes Deena Bouknight's debut novel provides a realistic window into the world of Southern charm, societal expectations, and life-changing events. She expertly narrates two seemingly disparate tales, leaving the reader guessing until nearly the end of the book how they are inextricably woven together. Life, death, hurt, redemption, faith, reconciliation...Bouknight deals with these complexities of life in gentle but insistent style. A beautiful read that leaves you wanting more. Quotes
Laura Edgehill

Quotes I loved the authentic Southern vibe of this rich story. The setting, the characters and the relationships all resonate with my South Carolina heritage. The dual story proved to be a page turner and I did not sense the connection until the author wove the story lines together. This is a story with heart. I look forward to seeing more from this talented author! Quotes
Jenni Wilson

Quotes This is a very enjoyable read set in South Carolina. The author did a great job researching and weaving together several stories. I look forward to future books by the author! Quotes
Gary Knight